Quaderni Cesifin

The reforms of civil procedure in comparative perspective

9 Feb 2005


Foreword (G. Morbidelli)

Opening Remarks (N. Trocker-V. Varano)

The Respective Role of the Judge and the Parties in the Preparation of the Case in France (F. Ferrand)

The Principal Innovations of Spain’s Recent Civil Procedure Reform (I. Díez-P. Giménez)

The German Civil Procedure Reform Act 2002: Much Ado about Nothing? (G. Walter)

Japan’s Recent Civil Procedure Reform: its Seeming Success and Left Problems (Y. Taniguchi)

Civil Procedure for Austria Revisited. An Outline of Recent Austrian Civil Procedure Reforms (E.-M. Bajons)

Reform of the Code of Civil Procedure in the Netherlands (G.R. Rutgers-J.W. Rutgers)

Court Control and Party Compliance – The Quest for Effective Litigation Management (A.A.S. Zuckerman)

Reflections on Civil Procedure Reform in the United States: what has been Learned? What has been Accomplished? (O.G. Chase)

The Quiet Revolution in Australia – The Changing Role of the Judge in Civil Proceedings (J.A. Epstein)

Recent and Current Reforms of Civil Procedure in Italy (M. Taruffo)

Minimum, Adequate or Excessive Protection? The Impact of Ec Law on National Procedural Law (A. Biondi)

Concluding Remarks (N. Trocker-V. Varano)